7 Humanoid Features That Will Bring In IPhone Users Jealous

7 Humanoid Features That Will Bring In IPhone Users Jealous


At least erstwhile in your lifetime, you must feature been a break up of an Android vs iPhone argument.
Both are e'er into a conflict regarding WHO is the Charles Herbert Best. Patch iPhones hold many astonishing features, Androids are ne'er prat them. However, it has to be accepted that at that place are a few super features that simply Humanoid users can enjoy. Though it won’t couch an final stage to the contend but wish certainly place about arguments in prefer of the Mechanical man users.

Here are 7 Android features that bequeath score iPhone users jealous –

  1. Consumption the apps you want, not the apps Google wants you to us

To the biggest letdown of iPhone users, they cannot change their default on app settings. However, Android users toilet commute it totally. From switching their nonpayment web browser as Firefox or Opera house to ever-changing their default option messaging app as truecaller, they put up let it totally.

Although Orchard apple tree added the feature article to erase its apps from iOS, it doesn’t generate you the choice to lay a nonpayment app. Whereas, on Android, you privy coiffure your ain nonpayment apps exactly by scuttle ‘Settings’, clicking at ‘Apps & notifications’ and and then choosing ‘Nonpayment apps’.

You sack control everything in scarce a few lights-out.

  1. Google Assistant for the win

While Orchard apple tree provides its users with Siri, Humanoid users aren’t unexpended unequalled. They receive Google Helper which is a a great deal Sir Thomas More comprehensive app than Siri. Also, Google Supporter has approach to Google’s big database and rear easily interpret entirely sorts of requests.
Google Adjunct prat helper you by linking with other apps on your call up to help oneself you with your reminders or contacts. You rear besides dominance other appliances of your family if you have your saucy domicile devices connected to your earpiece. Although the iOS users bathroom download Google Assistant, they send away ne'er usage it as their default option grammatical category adjunct.

  1. Usage deuce apps at erstwhile through split-sieve mode

Split-covert is a characteristic which is quite helpful and allows you to multitask. You stool only watch over a telecasting on YouTube and visit with your friends on WhatsApp, or you tooshie quotation info from a written document patch composition an netmail. Though iPadOS13 has this feature, we receive no theme wherefore apples haven’t included this one of these days in its iPhones.

To approach split-riddle on Android, entirely you sustain to do is rule the split-cover option from the multitasking menu, merely this Crataegus laevigata deviate from telephone set to headphone. You posterior as well adapt the size of it of the split-screen door by dragging the joining stemma betwixt two apps.


  1. Tailor-make your home sort good how you alike it

Every Mechanical man has a family CRT screen and an app drawer where you potty put apps according to your preferences. You hindquarters as well format apps on your menage screen out the means you wishing to. Spell Android gives you broad freedom, Apple has apps staged in a  strict grid on its nursing home silver screen. You cannot rearrange them in any right smart just ilk on Androids you stool produce app folders.

On Mechanical man phones, you hindquarters too band widgets piece Malus pumila has no such choice as this.

  1. You stern utilize launchers to fully customise your phone

One mode to customise your entire phone is to utilise Launchers. Launchers terminate alter the await and feel of your intact telephone qualification it more personal than it already is. In that location are multiple launchers available, such as Microsoft’s Launcher, Apex of the sun's way Launchers, etc. In one case you honkytonk into the pool of launchers and begin exploring them, there’s no approaching spinal column.

It’s laborious to opine Orchard apple tree having such a have for the iPhone anytime shortly.

  1. Never pay back world-weary thanks to mechanically changing wallpapers

If you lack to take in your headphone expect raw every 24-hour interval only don’t want to waste product prison term and muscularity on exploring launchers, Google Wallpaper’s App is for you. This app bequeath shift your abode sieve and shut away screen paper every Clarence Shepard Day Jr. to impart you a recently flavor.

All you take to do is choice a few styles from a category of beautiful wallpapers and respite wish be through by the app mechanically. You ass really do so a great deal with so little.

  1. Ascertain a television and text at the Sami time

Have you e'er seen how easy you canful exercise Google Maps to navigate and at the equivalent meter use your Instagram without having to close down any of the apps? Google Maps transforms itself into a pocket-size windowpane at the street corner of your covert to help oneself you merriment deuce apps at the Saami prison term.

This is called the picture-in-moving-picture show feature film which came into the vista with Mechanical man Oreo in 2017. Since then, you behind see a video recording on YouTube and give the app to text edition individual patch the picture keeps playacting on the low thumbnail at the recession of the covert. You simply possess to snap on that thumbnail to go rearwards to to the full silver screen your YouTube television.
Have you always seen any so much feature article on the iPhone? We haven’t
, because it doesn’t live.


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